How to use

To get started with CICADA, you can download some of the NWB files from here on DANDI Archive or use your own NWB files.


A first window named ‘CICADA initial config’ will open click on ‘Run Cicada’ or just press Enter.

A second window ‘Cicada - CI_DATA’ will open: this is CICADA main window. From here you can i) load the NWB files to analyse, ii ) select the analysis to run, iii) open the results.

CICADA main window

This main window is made of 3 panels.

  • Let panel:

Contains the list of the NWB files to analyse. To populate this list click on ‘file’, ‘Open new dataset…’ and select the folder containing the NWB.

From here it is possible to select the files to include in the analysis (to help in the selection we have a sort option)

After NWB selection click on the cicada to go to the middle panel.

  • Middle panel:

Contains the list of analysis implemented (some still need to be implemented) that are accessible. Based on the NWB files selected the analysis that can be performed turned white, others remain in grey.

Select one analysis and click on the cicada. A pop-up window will open.

  • Pop-up window:

In this window the user is asked to set the parameters that will be used to run the selected analysis. Of note the last parameter is the path to the saving folder and need to be adjusted otherwise the analysis won’t run.

Once everything is set, click on ‘Run analysis’

Once the analysis is done, ckick on the home icon, it will display the main window.

  • Right panel:

From the rigth panel of CICADA main window click on ‘Open results folder’ to access the results.